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"@gerardway pic.twitter.com/Hr8j3SUCSy”


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can someone explain to me why everyone thinks something is happening since my chem got re-verified? don’t get me wrong i’m hoping something is but i don’t want to be excited because there is also the 50% that nothing is happening.

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when i was

a young boy

my father

took me into the citayy

to seee a marching band

he said

listen here u lil shit

don’t make a fuckin band and get famous and break up after 12 years

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saying fuck you to me about the last question is real mature. I don’t care it’s up to Frank, no need to be rude as hell when I was asking other people’s opinions, just saying.

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i made a perfect mcr gif to upload and tumblr keeps saying error, it’s not over it’s only 100k :(

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i don’t know how to deal with this anymore, i know a lot of you feel the same, crying or not crying. listening to their music, reading gerard’s tweet, or maybe the so short blog post that broke us all the news. (i’ve been crying for most of these past 3 days) you are not alone. you will never be alone. mcr is and will always be there.

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my. chemical. romance.

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All the fucking tears.

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Hello n_n This blog is a fan blog for those men that have helped us through so much, and just for providing amazing music for our ears. I made it for you guys, that love and support MCR. This blog is for that massive daily MCR dosage we need, right?
If you see something that you've made, please tell me so we can sort it out, I don't take things on purpose if they belong to someone else.
Keep Running, Killjoys.

pull this pin, let this world explode
the world will explode in..
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